Success Stories

From our Class Participants…

“As a fairly new therapist, it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated, but this course has given me confidence in my experience and intuition. It has helped me better understand myself and my practice and puts me in better connection with my body. This was an investment for both my practice/clients and myself.”  CK

“This course has brought my learning and knowledge full circle. I’ve been practicing for almost 15 years and have learned lots about myofascial work, lymph, etc. But this course seems to have filled in the blanks to start understanding what I’m feeling happen in the body and some of the why. I appreciate learning more about the emotions and energy fields in the body and the importance of release. Thank you and great course!”  JP

“I received so much valuable information! I look forward to future classes. I know what fascia is and what is looks and feels like. I know how to screen and feel things through my fingers and hands. I truly loved this class. It has given me a better understanding of the whole being. Mind, body and spirit.”  CC

“I learned, practiced and gained confidence in my ability to consciously apply techniques that I previously discovered in a haphazard manner. I have greater hope in facilitating my own healing process by changing how I look at emotional release, by learning to differentiate fear from anxiety. I can’t wait for the next level. Thankfully, it begins tomorrow.”  CB

“Connecting the immune system to thought and going home with hands on tools to facilitate change in these areas is invaluable, thank you!”  CB

“Getting back to the basics of manual therapy- listening to the body, letting it guide the treatment. At the same time, being able to pull from what I know and incorporate it into what I’m doing now. Looking forward to more learning and shifting. 🙂 Thank you Dr. Barbour.”  AB

“Realizing how powerful the diaphragm releases are.”  JW

“I feel very validated in my experience as a therapist. I have more clarity about what I know is true for me and my practice, especially in regards to principles and empathetic connection to my clients.”  CK

“Thru this class, I gained a deeper understanding of the 3 basic emotions and how they can impact holding pain in the body. Personally- it was amazing how the diaphragm released so much thru my neck and shoulder! Amazing class and amazing experiences learning to feel such subtle changes that allow for such enormous releases! Highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn that next level. – JP

“I want to thank you so very much for all that you have done for me – transforming, life changing work!! You have saved my spirit from its entrapment. I hope to continue to develop to be in a position to help others with these great tools.” – PC

“The diaphragm work was amazing. I was burned when I was 3 years old with 2nd and 3rd degree burns, and the releases I experienced in my diaphragm were amazing. I can breath freely – I am happy. Wow! Letting go of rage and allowing the joy to appear was wonderful!” – BK

“This fits in with my studies of massage and Reiki. It was amazing to learn new concepts and ways to release things our bodies have held on to.” – CA

“I learned that my left leg is structurally shorter than my right. This in beneficial in restoring balance to my body.” – CS

“This course helped me to realize that deep isn’t always better. Also our bodies are more complex than what I thought, our emotions are energy and in order to show one emotion we need to be able to show all emotions. I have the knowledge that our thoughts, emotions, and behavior affects our body and life, this class has made me more aware of it. I now know the power of release and that it can be done in a short amount of time. After this class I feel better and I feel more in tune with everything around me and in me.” – KM

“Feels like a weight has been lifted and I can breathe! This class has helped me slow down, re-evaluate my touch and better listen to the body that is under my hands. Than you so much for the experience. I also had a session with Karren that allowed me to release the pelvic pain I was carrying. I know this will be a lasting release and I am grateful!” – MB

“I came with [an] open mind that I was hear (☺) to learn this work & that I knew I was supposed to be doing this work. The ‘success’ is that I feel I ‘got it’ – became fluid with the information and instruction. It was what I needed for my next step in my process for my healing and in assisting others in their process. Thank you!! Look forward to the next sessions.” – GJ

“For me, the most beneficial release was with the linea alba. My legs, shoulders, neck, stomach, arms (neuromuscular readiness) and TMJ pain all released. It was such an amazing and eye opening experience. After the first day of class when we released in the hamstrings and psoas, I I experienced a lot of anger once I got home, which I used towards cleaning the house. Learning how to clear myself after sympathetically resonating with my clients was crucial for me Learning a better and more effective (for the client and practitioner) way of improving their health was an awesome opportunity for me.” – JW

“I have felt a great deal of openness in my being – both physical and emotional . . . It was interesting that a feeling in my ;gut; and linea alba was verified as being present by Karren while I was performing the linea alba release on another therapist.” – EH

“Learned a lot – learned a wonderful technique(s). My body feels terrific, freer – lighter. Movement is easier and spacious.” – CC

“I have a much greater knowledge and understanding. It is the piece I have been missing.” – CM

“Very clear teaching and great hands on learning opportunities.” – RL

“Exactly what I was looking for! Great course, very applicable and thanks for individualized attention.” – NN

“MMT I has given me a new perspective on the body- a new way of approaching dysfunction from a more wholistic viewpoint. I have been reminded how important it is to listen closely to the subtle communication the body provides and how important it is to evaluate and reevaluate in order to measure change. I am excited for the following courses.” – ZB

“Have him teach more classes. I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Barbour in the world. I really enjoyed the material in this class and he made sure we all knew it – Review, Review, Review! He is truly one of the best instructors.” – CC

“Thank you for a very enjoyable informative day off. I‘ve learned so much in a short amount time. This brings together many pieces of information for me! Relevant…. Dr. Barbour is a great teacher and this class was a great way to integrate and remind me of what hands on bodywork can and should do. I really appreciate the way in which Dr. Barbour imparted information on the scientific and spiritual level and in fact did not necessarily make a distinction or separate the 2. It definitely made me want to learn so much more… Muchas Gracias” – NA

“I would like to personally thank Dr. Keith Barbour, D.O. for the most amazing educational experience I have ever received in my 18 years as a Massage Therapist! He has an amazing mind and heart. Dr. Barbour is compassionate about his work, assisting others to wholeness, helping practitioners to understand the importance of anatomy, evaluation, treating what you find, and then re-evaluating. His teaching method is hands on and usable information that I could use with my clients right away. And the most important thing, is -Wholistic Manual Medicine WORKS!”– PZ

“I always knew something was missing until I took my first MMT class. I feel this is the missing link. Thank you for taking the time to teach such an awesome treatment concept.” – KLG

“Awesome! I want to work here!” – KK

“ I have really enjoyed this course and all of the people I have met here. Taking this class helped me not only to learn, but also to help me clear my mind and path. I look forward to future classes with you. If there are any other courses that you recommend please let me know. I am leaving here feeling refreshed with knowledge and ambition.” – DRK

“Awesome! The best course ever.” – EP

“These classes have saved me from a life of sore thumbs (my clients are grateful for more comfortable sessions, too!).” – TK

“Very well done and understood. [Going] home to practice.” – NG

“Thank you! I feel as though this course will help me further the ability to help my clients. It also helped me to further understand direct/indirect.” – EB

“Thank you from me and the patients I have helped so far with what I have learned.” – DT

“Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you.” – GH

“The magic of my sessions with you is increasing instead of diminishing.” – AC

“I find that by using Dr. Barbour’s techniques I am working smarter not harder and my clients are having great successes.” – SC

“These classes have not only enhanced my ability to be effective in my healing practice, but in all aspects of my life.” – CC

“I’ve received new and deep understandings of my life.” – CC

“I have also gained self confidence and personal authority.” – CC

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to take these classes. I am left with the confidence that no matter where I am, and who I treat, if that person is open to healing I am fully capable of facilitating that experience.” – CC

“This class Cranium and Life Force opened so many A-HAs for me.” – CA

“This is one of the BEST CLASSES I have ever taken. Dr. Barbour is a great teacher.” – AK

“Excellent! Fun instructor and staff!” – NA

“Great, supportive class! Enlightening, valuable content, shared with great care. Most comprehensive class(es) I have experienced.” – PC

“This class [WMM II] really started pulling the theory together for me.” – KR

“I loved the class” – GHG

“Nice size class, no larger! Nice that all instructors and Dr Barbour moved from table to table. Great information, useful! – and encouraging for our profession. Thank you. Continue to
create joy.” – TWR

“Liked the course very much. Thank you.” – AA

“Excellent! And will be back.” – KR

“I am developing greater awareness of fields as they rise and diminish, greater understanding of visceral anatomy, HUGE gallbladder release!!” – AA

“I just completed the case study course facilitated by Karren and the time flew by. We started with a review of theory and anatomy and then progressed to considering our own individual cases which ended up as a two-fold focus: first on using Facilitated Pressure Release techniques in a seated position (applicable to a wide variety of situations including expos, elderly, people with disability using a wheelchair, obesity, or any situation where it would be difficult to get on a treatment table); and second specifically on the presentation of scoliosis (and back pain). There was time to role play and practice a variety of techniques. A great learning experience that can be tailored to whatever cases we therapists decide we want to focus on! I definitely recommend this class for those who have completed Dr Barbour’s course of study.” – BC

“Wow!!!?!!! What a weekend/class!! Thanks to each of you! . . . . This weekend was WOW-WEE, wonderful! Thank you, continue to create joy!” – TW

“[My success in this class (Cranial Review) was] learning about different layers in cranium and how to facilitate a release at that level.” – KW

“As I was driving home, I realized I was not leaning to the right while in the driver’s seat. I was centered! It bugged me that the seat was crooked, but after all . . .it was my body that
was off-center.” – NA

“I was amazed at the ‘release’ and ‘re-alignment’ I felt in all different areas of my body just from simply releasing/treating the diaphragm! I also learned that, in my own practice, I have been completely missing the first few muscular layers with my ‘heavy-handed’ touch. I was amazed at just how much pressure it DOES NOT take to feel the muscles.” – CM

“I have battled eczema on my hands for the past 4 years and have never been able to make much sense of why an outbreak occurs or why I would go into a period of remission. This
Saturday, I woke up with a severe outbreak and was irritated with itching and pain to the point of tears. I was applying essential oils all day but it was a constant pain because I had
forgotten my steroid cream out of town. At the end of the day we learned the Thoracic Pump and practiced multiple times on each other and in the hours after class my irritation
increased and suddenly, it was gone. My eczema was still there, however it did not wake me up in the night and Sunday morning the redness was reduced and swelling decreased
significantly. All day Sunday I had virtually NO irritation whatsoever! By dismissal time I had almost no redness anymore either! Thank You.” – CS

“I thoroughly enjoyed the five classes offered and was able to apply what I learned easily after each class. I enjoyed the ‘hands on’ combined with lecture. I also appreciated the
discounts towards services at the clinic for students to receive from experienced practitioners. I am looking forward to an ‘advanced class series’ with craniosacral . . .Karren’s lower body class was also very helpful to learn additional information to work with clients and apply everything together.” – PZ

“Loved this class [Lower Extremities]. Happy not to have to take test at end. We had somuch personal hands on. Love all the classes. Very nice small group with lots of hands on. I felt comfortable asking questions.” – RC

“The hands on work was excellent. Lots of time to explore and fine tune the treatment. Ialways learn so much working with Karren. Thank you! Would love to have more classes like [Lower Extremities]!” – AP

“This class [Lower Extremities] was perfect for me to ‘put everything together’ and practice a session with a client. The smaller class size works for me and the hands on made a huge difference from a learning perspective – Karren’s experience over 20 years is excellent! Patience, personality, and knowledge are irreplaceable. Thank you very much – can’t wait for the next one!” – PZ