Academy of Wholistic Manual Medicine


Learn to evaluate and treat the WHOLE person!

Wholistic Manual Medicine is the ability to use our hands to evaluate and treat the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. We don’t “diagnose” or provide external “cures”.  Rather, we look for tightness or hardness of the tissues and, with our hands, we facilitate the release of the tension that was preventing normal flows. The body then begins to heal.

The body is a living record of its history, good and bad, functional and dysfunctional. With our hands we can find the “imprint” of traumas, and facilitate its release, which allows for the self healing mechanisms to take over. The body then heals itself. Wholistic Manual Medicine is founded in the profound acknowledgment of the body’s tremendous inherent ability to heal and the science of how that happens.

Both structure (body, the anatomy) and function (its motion) are evaluated in a sixty second screen which tells us where to look closer in the body and whether or not functional aspects (mind, behavior, metabolism, genetics, environment etc.) are prominent.  We learn to “scan” the areas of interest discovered in our 60 second screen to find the key, or central area of hardness that requires release!

We look for asymmetries of position, motion, and pressure. We then balance these pressures to stimulate a body response which alters, in fact exaggerates these asymmetries to a logical end point, which is known as a (relative) “still point”.  As we hold these asymmetries in the exact fashion and follow the changes, the release suddenly occurs, the tissues soften, and the breath comes in.

Read what our students are saying:

“As a fairly new therapist, it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated, but this course has given me confidence in my experience and intuition. It has helped me better understand myself and my practice and puts me in better connection with my body. This was an investment for both my practice/clients and myself.”  CK

“This course has brought my learning and knowledge full circle. I’ve been practicing for almost 15 years and have learned lots about myofascial work, lymph, etc. But this course seems to have filled in the blanks to start understanding what I’m feeling happen in the body and some of the why. I appreciate learning more about the emotions and energy fields in the body and the importance of release. Thank you and great course!”  JP

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Structure of the Courses

CORE CURRICULUM: The Wholistic Manual Medicine (WMM) Core Curriculum is taught in either 6 weekend classes or 3 extended sections. We start with the basic approach to evaluation and the process of release, and then learn to apply these to muscle, then fascia, viscera, then bone and finally the cranium. The structure of the classes is such that the simplest principles and techniques are mastered first and in a step wise fashion the more complex aspects easily fold into the students level of skill and understanding. Throughout the course, the student is provided direct and simple information that is understandable and immediately applied in lab for concrete results and reinforcement of principles.

Each class teaches proficiency in the evaluation and treatment of specific tissues, their corresponding aspects of mind and the body’s self-healing homeostatic systems. The simplest tissues are covered first and more complex ones follow, with each class serving as a prerequisite for the next. Once the basic level is grasped, successive “levels” are gained in “quantum leaps”.  Once finished, participants will be able to evaluate and treat the whole person.

Begin your journey

with the 

Core Curriculum

Section I (WMM 1 and 2)

Learn release at the first two quantum levels and experience the quantum shift in your knowledge and skill as you see how the process of Release! can be facilitated in muscle, emotion AND the autonomic nervous system simultaneously!  Experience another quantum shift in perception and skill as you see how the same process of Release! occurs in fascia, thought and the immune system. Learn how release at one level allows for the release of all tissues, energies and systems at all lower levens!

Section II (WMM 3 and 4)

We continue the journey of quantum shifts in perception and release of stored tensions and energies from the viscera in WMM3 and bone in WMM4! This relates to the endocrine system and spirit. Learn to “Float the bone” in the fluid matrix while releases occur in all lower energy states: muscle, emotion and autonomics, viscera, immune system and fascia.

Section III (WMM 5 and 6)

We finish the basic curriculum with the first two levels of fluid release, the cranial rhythmic impulse in basic cranial and the slow wave in advanced cranial.  All lower energy states release in the process.

Advanced courses introduce us to release of the whole wave, and finally source; releasing embryonic energy, into action within the body.

ADVANCED CLASSES: These are intended for graduates of the core curriculum and deepens ones understanding of the basic levels and introduce the student to the next higher levels of release: Advanced Cranial III (Whole wave), Source, Advanced Aqua Healing I-IX, Putting It All Together, Jumping levels, Upper, and Lower Extremities. 

REVIEW CLASSES: These classes are intended for students who previously attended any of the above classes and are looking to deepen their skills and refresh their memory of key concepts.

INTRODUCTORY CLASSES: These are available to all students and are both an introduction to Wholistic Manual Medicine and offer unique insights and tools for the manual practitioner: Introduction to Wholistic Manual Medicine, Tools for the Immune System, Ethics, and, Resonance Procedures, create your own technique, clinic days.

Any class can be repeated, and because each class is taught wholisticly, the student will gain insights, skills, and likely jump levels in their understanding and practice of Wholistic Manual Medicine.

Quantum healing, Quantum learning!

The fastest route to mastery of the “next level”, is mastery of the level below.

When you “know” the behavior of muscle and emotion, then you will begin to see the “behavior” and responses of   Fascia and be able to “leap” to the next level of awareness, function and release!

The Levels of release as related to Wholistic Manual Medicine include, in ascending order:

The three physical/colloidal states:

1. Muscle and Emotion, associated with homeostasis (self healing) via the autonomic nervous system.

2. Fascia and Thought, associated with homeostasis (self healing) via the immune system.

3. Bone and Spirit, associated with homeostasis (self healing) via the endocrine system.

The three non colloidal /fluid wave states:

4. The Cranial Rhythmic Impulse and the Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

5. The Slow Wave and the Dura Mater, the heart of the entire fascial membranous system.

6. The Whole Wave and the Central Nervous System with release of massive amounts of discordant energies in an ejection pulse.

And the highest state of release,

7.  The release of pure potential or source, into the body, also known as the “mid-line release” in reference to embryology. The release of  “unstructured, structuring, pre-energy”.

When you know the “behavior” and release of muscle and emotion, then you will leap in understanding and skill to the fascia and thought, then leap to that of bone and spirit, then the cerebral spinal fluid and onto the higher levels and all of its wave forms and activities and interfaces with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being.